James M. Greene

JavaScript engineer/lover. Official jQuery team member.
Open source collaborator for PhantomJS, QUnit, ZeroClipboard, and jsUri.

Best Project

New Feature: User Annotations

The best project that I have had the honor of spearheading was the prototyping, refining, and implementing of the "User Annotations" feature for my employer's latest flagship product for legal research, WestlawNext (also, its marketing site). This feature enabled users to:

  1. Highlight text within our legal documents.
  2. Highlight text within our legal documents and attach a inline note to it.
  3. Attach document-level notes when no associated text needs to be highlighted.


So why was this feature the best project I've worked on to date? It was:


Unfortunately, I have never been able to acquire permission from my employer to open source the overall annotations workflow. However, I have been "allowed" to open source several smaller pieces of it by deciding that sharing them with the world was important enough to me to warrant the extra effort required to rewrite them from scratch. Thus, I have since released initial versions of the "jquery.textSelect" and "jWalker" JavaScript libraries (see my "Open Source" page for more details), though more work remains to get them up to par with the robustness and completeness of their proprietary counterparts.